RoR Elite Endurance Performance Award – GB Raced Only


In 2017 the RoR Elite Endurance Performance Award/Trophy in association with Endurance GB (EGB) will offer a first prize of £2,500 and a second prize of £500.

To qualify your horse must have raced in GB and be registered with RoR and Endurance GB. The horse must be ridden by an EGB member.  To encourage competition, all previous winners (1st placed horses) from the RoR series 2010 onwards will no longer be eligible to win 1st place in the same competition in subsequent years.

All Graded Endurance Rides and Competitive Endurance Rides listed in the official Endurance GB Ride Programme for the current year are eligible to count towards the Trophy.

The standard Endurance GB trophy points are also used on an accumulative basis for the RoR Trophy.  The Trophy is for the horse, not the rider, so points accumulated for more than one horse by a single rider will be accumulated separately for each horse. The points accumulated by one horse with more than one rider will all count towards the Trophy for that horse. The points for each ride will be attributed
to the Trophy once the results for each ride have been ratified by the Endurance GB office. However, only the best TEN scores will be counted towards the total for the Trophy.

The horse with the highest EGB Trophy Points will win the first prize. The prizes will be presented at an Awards Ceremony at the end of 2017.

To enter for the award, owners simply have to register their horses with RoR and EGB and provided the horse is eligible, the points will accumulate automatically through the year.

RoR eligibility:  Horses must have raced in GB.  Horses must be registered with RoR.

For further information contact RoR or John Hudson T: 01398 332089, E:, W: