RoR award prizes for former racehorses competing in team chasing, in liaison with the National Team Chase Committee.

The prizes are awarded at the National Team Chase Championships in April.

A first prize of £500 and an RoR rug is awarded to the owner of the former racehorse registered with RoR in the first placed team in the Merriebelle Stable National Team Chase Championships Open.  If there is more than one former racehorse in the team, each former racehorse receives a prize.

A prize of £250 is awarded to the team placed 2nd with RoR registered horses, and £100 to the third placed team that has a RoR registered horse or horses.

RoR eligibility: Horses must have raced in GB and be registered with RoR.


2017 Results – Heythrop Team Chase Championship 

Winning Team
Relentless (Won £500)
RoR Horses – RIVAGE D’Or and Olly Finnigan
BETTER HAND and Rowan Cope
DAVE’s Dream and Ben Pauling
RISKY BEAUTY and Simon Coady

2nd Placed Team
Ride-Away II (Won £250)
RoR Horse – ATOUCHBETWEENACARA and Paul Thomason

3rd Placed Team
Fox Grant Dot Com
RoR Horses: UNTIL LEGEND and Yvonne Goss
SKIPPER ROBIN – William Fox-Grant
FROSTED GOLD and Phil Nicoll


British National Team Chase Championships - 11-4-2015

1st – Relentless won the Open with 3 racehorses:
Dougie Gittins on Junior Jack
Rowan Cope on Coleorton Dane
Luke Morgan on Jacko’s Boy

2nd – Team Ride-Away 1:
Joe Stephenson on Theatrical Spirit
And Stephen Clark on Gladstar

3rd –  Team Ride-Away 2:
Masters Lesson
Bewleys Guest
Walls Way
Offshore Account