Nominations Close for Racing to Hunting Challenge


We are pleased to report that there has been fantastic response from the hunting community to our ‘Racing to Hunting’ Challenge. As a result we have already received in excess of 30 nominations from hunts all around the country. As was stipulated when the challenge was launched only the first 30 valid nominations received will go through to the judging round and we have now reached that number. Each of the successful nominations will now be sent further details on their requirements for the next stage of the challenge.

We would also like to thank everyone who has helped spread the word for this new initiative as RoR could not have hoped for a better up-take.

The challenge will be run again in 2018 and RoR will be reviewing the process with the judges to see if the number of entries they review can reasonably be expanded beyond 30.

Finally, RoR would like to wish all 30 nominations the best of luck in the Racing to Hunting Challenge.