Change of Ownership

RoR Change of Ownership

If you are purchasing a former racehorse please register with RoR.  For more information on the benefits of registering visit our RoR Registration page.  If you are purchasing a retrained racehorse that you believe is already registered with RoR please email full details to the RoR office at to inform us of your new ownership.

Change of Ownership – Horse Passport Legislation Requirements

Under the current Horse Passport legislation (Commission Regulation (EC) No 504/2008)), new owners are required to record their ownership with their horse’s Passport Issuing Organisation within 30 days of acquisition. It is an offence not to do so. This is to ensure that DEFRA can contact every horse owner, in the event of a disease outbreak.

To assist owners of RoR registered horses in meeting this legislation, please use Weatherbys online portal

Once you have completed the information online and paid the fee, your horses passport should then be sent to Weatherbys. Weatherbys will then update their database and the passport, and return the passport to you. This process takes approximately 10 working days and applies to all Thoroughbreds both domestic and foreign bred.

If you have elected not to have the horse you wish to rehome/purchase vetted, do carefully check the horse against the markings shown in the passport to satisfy yourself that it is the correct animal, before you finalise any agreement or purchase.

If you have any queries over the identity of the horse or you have not been given a passport, please contact Weatherbys for advice. Also contact Weatherbys if you wish to use the horse to breed racehorses.

Should your horse die or be euthanized legislation requires the return of the passport to the Passport Issuing Organisation (in this case Weatherbys – for both domestic and foreign bred Thoroughbreds). If you request in your covering letter that the passport be returned afterwards, this will be done free of charge.

If you have any queries please either contact Weatherbys (T: 01933 440077) or the RoR office

British Horseracing Authority (BHA) – Anabolic Steriod Declaration

The BHA announced a zero tolerance policy, applicable from March 2015, with regard to the use of anabolic steroids for racehorses including pre-training youngstock and older horses.

When applying to record your non racing ownership of your ex racehorse using the Weatherbys Portal, you will notice some wording relating to this requirement

If you elect to cross out the paragraph on the application form which relates to an owner agreeing to be bound by the BHA Rules of Racing (including the Equine Anti-Doping Rules) this will result in the horse not being eligible to race in Great Britain. The passport will be stamped “This horse is not eligible to race in Great Britain” and the BHA will be notified before the passport is returned to you by Weatherbys with your ownership recorded.

Any queries relating to this policy should be directed to the BHA – E: or T: 020 7152 0090

BHA Non-Racing Agreement

Sometimes a racehorse owner or trainer may feel that a horse is no longer suited to racing, and they have the option to register a BHA Non-Racing Agreement as a safeguard once a new home has been found, to protect the horse from returning to the racecourse.  The Agreement has to be signed by both the seller and buyer.

Registration is free and copies are available on the Weatherbys website.

The team at Weatherbys wish you every success and enjoyment of your new horse in its second career.