RoR Registration

If you have a former racehorse please register with RoR, whether you compete with your horse or just hack out, or even simply have as a companion.

RoR would like to know where as many former racehorses are as possible. Many organisations and RoR need these statistics to prove that former racehorses have a life after racing and to help raise funds. RoR can also consider suitable future initiatives based on this information.

Your help with this is much appreciated, and registering with RoR permits you to take part in the many RoR regional educational events and competitions. There are certain criteria for some competitions so please refer to the relevant competition pages for each discipline for more information on rules and eligibility.

In general, only horses that have raced in GB can take part in the elite RoR Series of competitions. However all unraced and raced horses can take part in the RoR/TARRA series, the Regional League competitions and unaffiliated competitions as well as educational events.

If you are purchasing a retrained racehorse that you believe is already registered with RoR please email all details to to inform us of your new ownership.

Free Registration

It is free to register your former racehorse with RoR. Simply click on Register Your Horse and complete the details required. Any former racehorse can be registered whether they have raced or not raced.

RoR Series Registration – £10 per horse

If you wish to enter any of the elite RoR Series of competitions you will be asked to pay a one-off RoR Registration Fee of £10 per horse which enables that horse to enter any of the RoR Series of competitions. Once you have registered your horse you do not need to register again the following year, registration is for life.

The registration fee helps pay for the administration costs and is treated as a kind donation to RoR to help with the funding of the charity’s competitions, educational events and the care of vulnerable former racehorses.  Thank you.

News Registration

If you do not yet own a former racehorse but are interested and would like to be kept up-to-date with any email news then just register for RoR news for free.

After Registration

Once registered, RoR will validate your horse’s registration and email you a registration number per horse which remains the same for life.

You will also be able to log back into your RoR account to amend most details if required and to check your horse’s registration number if mislaid.  If you are changing your address then please email with your new details.


What is classified as the elite RoR Series of competitions for which I will need to pay a one-off RoR registration fee of £10 per horse and my horse must have raced in GB?

RoR/Tattersalls Show Series
RoR/Tattersalls Scottish Show Series
RoR/TBA Retrained Racehorse Challenge
The Jockey Club RoR Novice Show Series
Elite Showing Performance Award

Elite Eventing Performance Award
RoR/NTF Retrained Racehorse Event Championship
Grassroots Eventing Series

Elite Dressage Performance Award
Racehorse to Dressage Horse Series

Elite Showjumping Performance Award
RoR Club Championships

Elite Polo Pony Performance Award & Polo Series
Racing to Polo Challenge

Elite Endurance Performance Award

My horse has not raced; can I still take part in RoR competitions and educational events?

Horses that have not raced in GB cannot take part in the elite Series of competitions. However unraced horses can take part in the RoR/TARRA Showing Series, the Regional League competitions and all unaffiliated competitions as well as educational events.

How can I establish if my horse has actually raced?

The Racing Post website lists every UK registered horse that has raced so is a good place to check but for absolute certainty you should contact Weatherbys (T: 01933 440077).  RoR will also check when validating your horse’s registration.