RoR Horseball Series

RoR currently sponsors equipment for the horseball education programme, and the ex-racehorse horseball team regularly take part in RoR Parades.



RoR sponsors equipment for the horseball education programme, and the horseball ex-racehorse team regularly wear RoR shirts and take part in the RoR Parades held at British racecourses.

Since this support has started the British Horseball Association (BHA) has been able to complete 3 UKCC coaching courses and successfully qualified 16 Level 1 and 8 Level 2 coaches.  More coaching courses are planned and there will also be some joint courses for British Vaulting and Polocrosse.  

The coaching is a major part of the BHA development plan to encourage more people to participate in this sport, in which ex-racehorses are proving successful.   Membership has increased by 50% over the last two years which can be directly tracked back to the qualification of new coaches.

In order to take the coaching qualification, candidates are required to hold a technical pre-requisite such as BHS Stages, Racing NVQ or Pony Club exams.  The BHA also has Horseball Technical Horse Care and Riding exams for which they recently held courses utlising the teaching equipment provided by the RoR. 

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