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The RoR Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge will be held again in 2014.

    Stormyfairweather and Diana Henderson
Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge winners 2011 (photo courtesy gjmultimedia)   Cairn Dhu and Laura Hemsworth win the Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge 2011 (photo by gjmultimedia)  


The RoR Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge will run again for the 2013/2014 season.

The Challenge will take at Cheltenham Racecourse on Sunday 16th November 2014 before racing, followed by an awards presentation.

The course will include cross country fences already on the track as well as some additional obstacles. There will also be a style mark and a timed section, which will include a bridge, a gate to open and shut, dismounting and remounting (can use a mounting block) and taking a glass of port from a tray. The course will be inviting with all solid fences not exceeding 1.10m and with some bushes going to 1.30m (this height is measured to the brush top).

All horses must be registered with RoR and have raced in GB (using their racing name please). Hunters must be hunted fairly and regularly (horses team chasing in 2014 are eligible). Horses currently point-to-pointing (2014) are NOT eligible to take part in the Challenge. 

To take part in the series and be eligible for the final click here to download the declaration form, complete it and return the form signed to RoR. Entries may be checked with the hunt master/secretary nominated on the form. Closing date for entries 10th November 2014. Click here to download the Challenge Final Rules for 2014

The 2013 Course Plan was:

1. Log
2. Pheasant feeder
3. Brush roll
4. Existing XC jump
5. House with a view
6 Tracainer
7,8,9. Step up, step down, wall
10. Existing XC brush log jump
11,12. Angled brushes
13. Hay rack
14. Stick pile
15. Port
16. Gate
17. Extra activity
18. Mountain block
19,20,21. Duck, ditch, fox
22. Down cheese wedge with skinni brush roll option
23. Up cheese wedge
24. Final fence, brush oxer

The RoR prizes are:

1st -  £500 and the Meriel Tufnell Challenge Trophy
2nd - £300
3rd - £200
4th to 6th will be awarded a RoR Jacket

Ri-Dry has also kindly sponsored the Challenge and are giving the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places a waterproof hunting jacket.

RoR Racehorse to Dressage Horse Series - Qualifier Dates 2014

The dates for the RoR Racehorse to Dressage Horse Series qualifiers in 2014 are listed below.  Please see the overview above for more details.

8th May - GELDESTON HALL, Norfolk
1st Caroline Hytch - Bannockburn Boy 70.87%
2nd Helen Yallop - Zakanaka 64.78%
1st Caroline Hytch - Bannockburn Boy 66.54%
2nd Helen Yallop - Zakanaka 62.12%

10th May - CROW WOOD, Lancashire
1st Matthew Tickle - Newzflash 64.3%
1st Jane Ingham - Fabled Dancer 68.50%
2nd Nicola Porter - King of Chavs 68%
1st Sarah Wade - Magical Song 68.95%
2nd Jane Ingham - Fable Dacer 68.95%

16th May - ALLENS HILL, Worcestershire
1st Sharon Denson - Crystallize - 69.57
2nd Verity Green - Comply or Die - 59.78
1st Debbie Tooth - The Hairy Lemon 71.52%
2nd Posy Kopanski - Tribal Venture 69.13%
1st Ann Wright - Moonoki 64.28%
2nd Debbie Tooth - The Hairy Lemon 63.93%

18th May - ST LEONARDS, Cornwall
1st Rowan Van Houben - Hurricane Herbie 71.3%
2nd  Jane Gordon - Polish Paddy 62.2%
1st Rowan Van Houben - Hurricane Herbie 70.8%
2nd Jeanette Male - Space Telescope 67.2%
1st Rowan Van Houben - Hurricane Herbie 65.8% 
2nd Jane Gordon - Polish Paddy - 62.2%

29th May - WEST WILTS, Wiltshire
Verity Green - Comply or Die 58.3%
Emily Freezer - Desert Sea 68.5%
Samantha Rose - MySortofMan  66.7%
Amber Dunham - El Fuser 66%
Emily Freezer - Desert Sea 65.8%

1st June - EPWORTH, South Yorkshire
7th June - REASEHEATH, Cheshire
14th-15th June - SHEEPGATE, Lincolnshire
22nd June - SWALLOWFIELD, Warwickshire
28th-29th June - SPARSHOLT, Hampshire

3rd July - SNAINTON, North Yorkshire
13th July - EAST SOLEY, Berkshire
19th July - COLLEGE OF WEST ANGLIA, Cambridgeshire
27th July - ABBEY DRESSAGE, Gloucestershire

2nd August - NORTHUMBERLAND COLLEGE, Northumberland
9th August - OPTIMUM@THE PRIORY, Surrey 
10th August - NORTHALLERTON, Yorkshire
16th August - BICTON COLLEGE, Devon
23rd August - QUAINTON STUD, Oxfordshire
31st August - FIELD HOUSE, Staffordshire 

RoR will provide 1st-4th rosettes and prizes in kind for 1st,2nd and 3rd.

Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge - Results 2013

Well done to everyone who took part in the Meriel Tufnell Racing to Hunting Challenge at Cheltenham Racecourse on Sunday 17th November.  The £500 prize for 1st place, together with the Meriel Tufnell Trophy was awarded to ex-racehorse Haxton and rider Yvonne Goss, who are based nearby in Evesham, Worcestershire - congratulations to them both.

Well done too to the worthy runners up, Whatcanyasay and rider Robyn Gray, who took 2nd place picking up £300, and John Sixteen with rider Louise Harwood finishing in 3rd place to win the £200 prize.

The full result is:

1st HAXTON – Yvonne Goss
2nd WHATCAYYASAY – Robyn Gray
3rd JOHN SIXTEEN – Louise Harwood
4th TRIBUNAL – Vicky Heal
5th SEAN AT THE IVY – Emma Kenney-Herbert
6th CAIRN DHU – Laura Tylor (Cairn Dhu won in 2011)

To download the score sheet please click here.

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