RoR Show Jumping

RoR in association with British Showjumping will offer National Recognition Awards and a Club Championship.

    Vite Etoile and Nicola Braidwood - RoR/SEIB Elite Performance winner for showjumping 2011


RoR National Recognition Awards 2015

The RoR National Recognition Awards are open to those owners and riders of retrained racehorses that are registered with both British Showjumping and RoR (using their racing name please), and have raced in Great Britain.  These awards are aimed at encouraging and identifying retrained racehorses that are competing nationally with British Showjumping.

A cash award will be given to the owners of the six highest graded horses that have been awarded the highest number of points during the twelve month period between 1st October 2014 and 30th September 2015. The winner's presentation will take place at an Awards Ceremony at the end of 2015.

The awards are:
1st - £2,500 
2nd - £500 
3rd - £500
4th - £500
5th - £500
6th - £500

To ensure as many retrained horses are given the opportunity of being recognised and encouraged to compete within a new discipline, previous title holders are not eligible for future consideration.  The past winners are: 
2014 - Jo Fulcher & Captain Willoughby; 2013 – Isabelle Tomkins & Tanktastic; 
2012 – Kathryn Ellison & Quel Ange
; 2011 – Nicola Braidwood & Vite Etoile; 
2010 – Emily Morris & Zolushka.

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RoR Club Championships at the British Showjumping National Championships

In 2015, RoR in conjunction with British Showjumping will have a new National Championship class for retrained racehorses competing at Club level.

The RoR Club Championships will take place at the British Showjumping National Showjumping Championships which take place at the NAEC, Stoneleigh Park in August 2015 and will carry a prize fund of £1,000.  

A national RoR Club League will be introduced to run alongside the 2014-2015 Club Leagues, which culminate on the 30th June, which will be used to identify the top thirty horse/rider combinations whom will receive an invitation to compete in the Championship class which will have a first round height of 85cm rising to 90cm in the jump off.

Underpinning the championship will be regional RoR showjumping training which will be administered by each of the British Showjumping regions respective Development Officer.  This training will be tailored specifically for owners and riders of former racehorses with a view to assisting them ease their horse as effortlessly as possible into their new competitive career.

For those wishing to focus on qualifying for the Championship class, Club Membership is just £30 per year for both horse and rider and also gives you the added opportunity of qualifying for one of the four Club Championship titles on offer which span the four height categories of 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1.0m whilst monitoring your progress on regional league tables.  Once joined you just need to register with RoR and then notify British Showjumping that you have done so.

To find out more about British Showjumping Club Membership and Club Shows visit

The leading ex-racehorse on each of the regional Club Leagues will continue to receive branded products for both themselves and their rider at the end of each qualifying period.  

2014 RoR Elite Showjumping Champion and Results

The 2014 winners of the RoR Elite Show Jumping Award in association with British Showjumping with a first prize of £2,500 and a second prize of £500 are:

1st CAPTAIN WILLOUGHBY – Owned and ridden by Jo Fulcher
2nd SAGASSA – Owned by Peta Viner and ridden by Bumble (Marie Louise) Thomas
3rd Toulaman – Owned and ridden by Nancy Kirkpatrick
4th Petite Pistolet – Owned and ridden by John Garrett
5th Bunacurry - Owned and ridden by Claire Halliday
6th Wild Mushroom – Owned and ridden by Kay Simpson

The RoR Elite Showjumping Champion will be presented with the trophy and prize at the RoR Awards at The Jockey Club Rooms, Newmarket on Wednesday 26th November 2014.

RoR British Showjumping Regional Recognition Awards 2014

RoR and British Showjumping are pleased to announce that retrained racehorses, Emerald Glen and Nettis, are winners of the 2014 RoR British Showjumping Regional Recognition Awards.

Emerald Glen, a 15-year-old bay mare, made three starts during her racing career and she is now owned and ridden by Denise Mcloughlin from Malton, North Yorkshire.

Denise first met Emerald Glen, or Glenda as she is better known, when she was in livery and she then went on to buy her just over three years ago. Denise wasn’t originally intending to ride Glenda but after starting lessons with her, the combination then began competing at local shows before progressing to Club competitions. Denise and Glenda have formed a real partnership during the last couple of years and Denise was thrilled when she was told of the award “Glenda is an amazing horse and she really deserves this award. Showjumping is my passion and she really enjoys it too.

“I started competing in Club classes with Glenda as I felt that they would be the ideal introduction into the affiliated side of the sport. We’ve been doing the 0.70cm and 0.80cm classes and these have allowed me to gradually introduce her to competing over professionally built courses at good show centres. I’m now looking to contest the 0.90cm classes later on this year and eventually, I’d like to move onto competing at National Amateur level. Glenda is the horse of a lifetime for me.”

Racegoers saw Nettis make nine starts during his time on the track. The six-year-old chestnut gelding is owned and ridden by Charlotte Kerton from Newmarket, Suffolk and she first rode him when he was in-training as a two-year-old.

Nettis’ last race was in September 2011 and since being out of race training, Charlotte has focused on improving both his flatwork and showjumping with help from UKCC Coach Mia Korenika. Charlotte has also been using the NAF Horse Five Star Performance Awards Programme to support his development. Charlotte was delighted to hear that Nettis has won an award “I’m so pleased for Nettis, he is a fantastic and genuine horse who enjoys his showjumping and the Club competitions have been an excellent introduction into the sport for him.

“I have lessons with Mia on a weekly basis and she was the one who suggested that Nettis and I should try Club competitions – we haven’t looked back since! Nettis is a great all-rounder, but I am going to continue showjumping with him as he has the capability and scope to jump bigger and more technical tracks. We’re aiming to compete in National classes next season and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us both.”

These awards provide a focus for ex-racehorses that are showjumping at Club level. A product sponsorship is awarded to the highest placed horse in each region with Club League points and a winner from each region is identified by selecting the highest placed eligible horse with points in the 1.00m section. If none qualify, it will move to the highest placed eligible horse in the 0.90cm section, working downwards until a horse is identified. Each regional award winner will receive an embroidered jacket and rug.

Congratulations to both Emerald Glen and Nettis, who in winning these awards are doing a great job of showing how former racehorses can also excel in the show jumping arena.  For photographs visit our showjumping gallery.

2013 RoR/SEIB Elite Performance Awards Results

Final Results of the National Performance Awards 2013:

The 2013 winners of the RoR/South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) Elite Show Jumping Award in association with British Showjumping with a first prize of £2,500 and a second prize of £500 are:

1st TANKTASTIC– Owned by Christopher Tomkins and ridden by Isabelle Tomkins
2nd PETITE PISTOLET – Owned and ridden by John Garrett

3rd Wild Mushroom – Owned and ridden by Kay Simpson

4th Seven O Seven – Owned by Sophie Bunch and ridden by Samantha Penn

5th Beatty – Owned by Amanda Hunt and ridden by Jessica Wilder
6th Don’t Call Me Tiny – Owned and ridden by Elizabeth Bushe