Bapak Chinta and his 12 year old Re-Trainer.

In 2011 Bapak Chinta won the Norfolk Stakes at Royal Ascot and was set to be Kevin Ryan’s, his then trainer, next stable star.

He went on to race fifteen times over his career, however after winning on his first two starts, was never placed again.

Subsequently he was taken out of racing by his owners, but no home was found for him. It was then that Helen Chairman’s twelve year old daughter came along and fell in love at first sight.

She has retrained him all by herself and with limited funds for professional guidance, Helen’s daughter has worked relentlessly every day to re-train him.

The duo has attended weekly Pony Club sessions and when some of the other girls on their ‘ready made ponies’ turn their nose up at Bapak Chinta, Helen’s daughter works even harder to prove them wrong.

He is now competing in hunter trails, his latest dressage score was 76.5% in a Preliminary test and they won the Amateur Class at the Northern Racing College Show.

Helen said “We cannot wait to see what they achieve next year, I’m incredibly proud of where they have got to so far.”