BUCKSTRUTHER conquering the South West


Buckstruther finished racing May 2015 having won 3 times under rules and 10 point to points.  Jazmin Hosgood was kindly gifted him by her partner’s grandfather for point to pointing. Jazmin rode him in 2 point to points and soon after he was retired from racing.



Since retiring from racing Buckstruther has excelled in his second career of Showing.  Jazmin said “I can’t believe how well we have done he has exceeded all expectations I can not wait for next season with him and he will also be eligible for veterans but we won’t tell him that, he is a dream to have and I am very lucky he is a once in a lifetime horse.”



Below is a list of the partnership’s successes:

  • North Somerset 1st novice riding horse, 2nd open riding horse.
  • Devon county 3rd ROR.
  • Bicton BSPS 1st home produced riding horse, 3rd riding horse.
  • Bath & west 1st ROR Reserve champ.
  • Qualified Hickstead 2016.
  • North Devon 2nd riding horse reserve champion 1st ROR champion hunter reserve supreme.
  • unknown-4Honiton 2nd ROR ridden & in hand.
  • Dunster 1st ROR &RH Champion.
  • Mid-Somerset 1st novice hunter & champion 1st ROR & RH Champion.
  • Moreton-in-the-Marsh 1st ROR Reserve champion.
  • Monmouth 1st ROR Champion.
  • Tonnes 1st ROR reserve supreme.
  • Dorset county 3rd ROR.
  • Qualified Hickstead 2017 3 times.