Lisa Kent on her success with Leaveittorog

By Lisa Kent, proud owner of Leaveittorog.

I’ve owned Leaveittorog (Arthur) since October 2009. He was owned and trained by Lisa Williamson, but despite his breeding, (he is by Millkom) he was much happier having a lovely day out with his friends and although he finished both races he started, he was well down the line. He also Point to Pointed twice, but again lolloped in near the back. He was then bought by a girl called Jo Siddorn, who had followed his career and knew Lisa, so when he didn’t make it in the world of racing, she contacted Lisa and bought him.

Jo kept him for 2 years and brought him on really slowly.

When she put him up for sale, I raced up to Chester from Bucks where I’m based, as he seemed exactly what I wanted after having to retire my previous ex racer with soundness issues some years before.

Jo had done a wonderful job in retraining him and he was still in points to do prelim BD and Intro BE.

Some months after I bought him, his work started to deteriorate and after extensive work ups we discovered he had severe kissing spines – 8 vertebrae were affected. On veterinary advice we decided to put a halt to his jumping/eventing career and concentrate on flat work and dressage.

I worked him at Novice level where we were safely and comfortably competing, but it was only when he came to Fred Hodges that things really started to fall into place for him.

Fred is brilliant with him and has him on a very stable and consistent work programme, which has been so successful, that we now manage the kissing spine rather than medicate.

Fred has now pretty much taken over the ride on Arthur and they have a real rapport. He is very careful not to over compete Arthur and consequently he has very few BD points, so although he is out doing Medium and Advanced Medium, I’ve had the opportunity to compete myself at Elementary level in the last few months.

Fred and Arthur were runners up in the Medium at the RoR champs last Autumn, so we are absolutely thrilled that Arthur qualified for the RoR Championships in the Medium on his first outing this year in early May and has followed up with decent scores in two outings at Advanced Medium more recently. So we are aiming to enter for the Advanced Medium at the championships too despite the flying changes being a work in progress!!

It is Fred’s (and my) hope that we can get him working to PSG level and maybe even get him out there competing at this level – I’m sure he isn’t the first ex racehorse to compete at this level, but I’m so proud of what he and Fred have achieved in the last two and a half years, especially with his back issues.

So that’s Arthur’s story to date – he is an absolute superstar in our books – quirky as anything (pigeons, both phantom and real are his “monsters ” in the school) but smart and so willing to learn and tries his heart out for Fred – an absolute delight to own and ride.