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Competition TSR Spring Show

6th May, 2019

TSR is for everyone who shows ridden and in hand horses and ponies from Hunters to Natives, Grandmas’ to Tiny Tots we cover the lot! Passionate about showing we are here to encourage, protect and innovate across all levels of showing.


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This event took place in May 2019
Sarah Chapman

Venue information

Onley Equestrian Centre,
CV23 8AJ


RoR Amateur Ridden Show Series Qualifier

1st. Desert Sea & Dawn Bacchus
2nd. Crunched & Tara Rait Rattray
3rd. Fresh Air And Fun & Luise Burns
4th. Cousin Guillaume & Gavin Vaughan
5th. Alperton & Melanie Prichard
6th. Greystoke Prince & Rebecca Walker

RoR Jockey Club Novice Show Series Qualifier

1st. Crunched & Tara Rait Rattray
2nd. Fresh Air And Fun & Luise Burns
3rd. Greystoke Prince & Rebecca Walker
4th. Alperton & Melanie Prichard
5th. Spiritofthewest & Jade Plummer

RoR Open In Hand Show Series Qualifier

1st. Samhain & Lucy Elliott
2nd. Coffee King & Mairi Wilson
3rd. Cousin Guillaume & Gavin Vaughan
4th. Bodega & Amanda Mills
5th. Top Spin & Anna Capstick
6th. Greystoke Prince & Rebecca Walker