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Competition British Showjumping RoR National Championships

6th August, 2022

RoR in association with British Showjumping offer significant National awards and the National Unaffiliated Competition Leagues offer more opportunities to compete for RoR prizes at Unaffiliated level.

This event took place in August 2022

Venue information

British Showjumping National Championship and Stoneleigh Horse Show
Grandstand Media Ltd,
Stoneleigh Park


RoR Club League Championship - 75cm

1st. Behomebymidnight & Deni Harper-Adams

RoR Club League Championship - 90cm

1st. Uncle Timmy & Leonora Rowlandson
2nd. First Fandango & Hannah Chisman
3rd. Semper Invicta & Beth Kerslake

RoR Bronze League Championship

1st. Gaul Wood & Monica Heise
2nd. Master Wickham & Claire Lewis
3rd. Pentameter & Josie Smith
4th. Seinfeld & Saffron Naomi Thornhill
5th. Abbott Jonesy & Katie Blandford
6th. Jigsaw Puzzle & Jessica Read