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Competition National Team Chase Championships at Fernie

3rd April, 2022

RoR will awarded prizes at the National Team Chase Championships to the RoR horses registered in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.

This event took place in April 2022

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Fernie (National Team Chase Championship 2022)

1st. Fox Grant Dot Com
Jamie Goss & Tricky Silence
Anna Stone & Kilcullenatmidnite
William Fox Grant & Skipper Robin

2nd. Fox Grant Dot Com Too
William Fox Grant & Iona Lad
Mark Heuff & Creepy
Phil Nicholls & Thegreendalerocket
Anna Stone

3rd. Team Rideaway 1
Charlotte Alexander & Saphir du Rheu
Joe Stevenson & San Cassiano
Susannah Stanning & Grouse Lodge
Sophie Seymour & Soir D'Estruval