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Competition Ri-Dry RoR Racing to Hunting Challenge 2022

5th November, 2022

Eligibility: The Challenge is open to former racehorses who have raced in GB (Point-to-Point or Under Rules) horses must have current RoR Competition Membership and have hunted for a minimum of 1 season. Riders must be 15yrs and over at 1st January of current year.

The Racing to Hunting Challenge, sponsored by Ri-Dry Clothing is judged on all-round behaviour and manners out hunting.

This event took place in November 2022
Toni Vaughan

Venue information

Kimblewick Hunt


Ri-Dry RoR Racing to Hunting Challenge 2022

1st. Tribunel and Vicky Heal
2nd. Bills Bank and Kathleen Jarrett
3rd. Milgen Bay and Niki Sturgis
4th. War Singer and Katy Berry
5th. Horatio Caine and Cordelia Chugg
6th. Silver Steed and Jess Short