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RoR registration

It is free to register your former racehorse with RoR and enjoy access to our training and education programme including clinics and camps.

Simply click on Register Your Horse and complete the details required. Any former racehorse can be registered whether they have raced or not raced. If unraced, they must have been in training.

If you are purchasing a retrained racehorse that you believe is already registered with RoR please email all details to to inform us of your new ownership.

Check if a horse is registered with RoR

RoR competition membership

If you wish to enter any of RoR competition you will need to pay an annual RoR registration fee of £15 per horse. Once paid this enables that horse to enter any of the RoR competitions.

There are certain criteria for some competitions so please refer to the relevant competition pages for each discipline for more information on rules and eligibility.

Renewing your competition membership

Simply click on Register Your Horse and select competition membership at the top of the page when adding a horse.

When your competition membership is due for renewal, you will receive an email to remind you. To renew simply log into your account and under your horses name, you will see a “renew” button. Click here and your membership will be renewed.

If your membership has lapsed, you will see that your membership will revert to free, to renew the competition membership in this instance, click the green upgrade button underneath your horses name which will take you to the payment page.

The registration fee helps pay for the administration costs and is treated as a kind donation to RoR to help with the funding of the charity’s competitions, educational events and the care of vulnerable former racehorses.

When entering any RoR competition please check eligibility criteria on each individual series.

Un-named horses

To be eligible for RoR competition membership your former racehorse must have a Weatherbys registered name. This can be done by completing the BHA NC2 Registration of Name of Horse form.

When filling out the form, please write at the top that it is a registration for a non-racing name, this will reduce the charge to £63.70. Please note, the horses passport must accompany this form.

If you have any further queries please ring the RoR office on 01488 648998.

After registration

Once registered, RoR will validate your horse’s registration and email you a registration number per horse which remains the same for life.

You will also be able to log back into your RoR account to amend most details if required and to check your horse’s registration number if mislaid. If you are changing your address then please email with your new details.

Change of ownership

Understand your legal requirements around change of ownership.