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Equine Charities

There may be several reasons why a racehorse owner has elected to loan their horse out rather than sell it, but usually the main reason is so that the horse can return to their care in it's ‘golden years’ and sometimes horses are loaned out more as a temporary measure. Whatever the reason, you should have a clear understanding of the situation.

Some horses are loaned out because really they are only suitable to be a field companion; this may be due to an injury that precludes riding or that the horse has proven difficult to ride.

If you are seeking a horse to loan, it is strongly advised that a Loan Agreement is put in place between the parties concerned which details each party’s responsibilities and obligations, as this avoids any misunderstandings at a later date. Even in the cases where an owner wishes to permanently rehome their horse, relinquishing all rights they have over him, it is still important that the transaction is verified by some kind of written agreement.

One of the best routes if you are looking for a horse to loan is to go to an Equine Charity such as those supported by RoR or run by other charitable organisations.

Such charities work hard to match you with the right horse. It is usual practice to make more than one visit to see a horse and if things don’t quite go according to plan, then the horse can be returned.

Each charity does have its own Terms and Conditions, for example, a home visit to check your facilities (or Livery Yard) may or may not be required. Equine charities only loan horses out and you will be required to sign an Agreement. Note that a donation is usually requested to the charity you rehome the horse from.

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