Series RoR Unaffiliated Eventing Series

­RoR Grassroots Eventing Series are designed for those competing at unaffiliated level. This series covers levels from 70cm through to 100cm.


RoR Unaffiliated Event Series 2019 – All RoR Registered

Eligibility: This series is open to any former racehorse, competition registered with RoR including un-raced, GB raced and foreign raced horses. (* – Un-raced Horses must have been in training)

This series is open to any former racehorse, competition registered with RoR including horses that have been in training and foreign raced horses. For riders aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2019.

This series is to encourage RoR participation in open classes run at unaffiliated events which are held at BE accredited venues most of which can be found on This means there is no requirement for BE registration to take part in the series and no RoR specific section.

You will earn points from competing at any Unaffiliated Events during the qualifying period and please ensure you return your results on the forms provided at the end of the qualifying period.

Competition period: 1st February and 31st October 2019 inclusive. Levels: 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm. The Series will be based on a points per finishing position scale and the score sheet must be signed by the secretary on the day of the event. Results will be verified.

The winner will be the combination with the most points at the end of the season in the 70cm, 80cm and 90cm. Special Rosettes will be awarded from 1st – 10th in each section and the winner of each section will receive a RoR branded prize.

The final results to be published at the end of October and each section winner will be invited to the RoR End of Season Party in November to receive their prize. Date and Venue tbc

To take part in the RoR Unaffiliated Event Series 2019, please download the Registration Form below and return to

Overall Finish Position

Points Awarded

1st Overall


2nd – 5th


6th – 10th


10th – 15th


16th – 20th


21st or lower


Click here for registration form for RoR Unaffiliated Event Series 2019 ­

Final points table 2018 – 80cm

Final points table 2018 – 90cm

Final points table 2017 – 80cm

Final points table 2017 – 90cm