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Series RoR Inter Regional 3 Phase Challenge Team Competition

New for 2020 to be held on the opening day of the RoR Goffs UK National Championships at Aintree Equestrian Centre, Thursday 27th August.

Horses must have Competition Membership and riders 15 years old on the 1st of January 2021.


Eligibility: Horses must have RoR Competition Membership and riders to 15 years old on the 1st of January 2021.

  • For teams of 4 horse/rider combinations – the best three overall scores to count.
  • Horse/rider combinations may compete once and on one team only.
  • Horse/rider combinations competing at affiliated BE90 level before close of entries for this event are not eligible to participate.
  • Riders may compete a second horse on a different team from the same region.
  • Riders must compete for the region of their postcode.
  • Substitutions are allowed but must be from the same region.
  • Regions may submit more than one team.

In the event of regions submitting more than one team then the names are thus: South East A, South East B and so on

Prize Structure: RoR Branded Prizes to top three teams plus a special prize to the Best Turned Out team

PHASE I: Dressage Test (20 x 40m) (20 points)

Marks will not be awarded for individual movements but the test will be marked for general impression and overall performance (paces, impulsion, rider position and accuracy).

Error of course = Minus one point for each error. Fall of horse and/or rider = Elimination

DRESSAGE TEST – (callers are allowed, whips are not allowed)

A Enter in working trot, from X proceed directly to M working trot, C Serpentine 3 loops each loop to go to side of arena finishing at A. F X H change rein showing some lengthened strides, between H & C working canter right, C circle right 20m diameter. M X K change the rein with transition to trot between X and K, between K and A working canter left, A circle left 20m diameter, between A and F working trot, between Fand B medium walk. B half 20m circle left in free walk on a long rein to E, E directly to A – leave arena free walk on a long rein.

Followed immediately by PHASE II

No change of tack/equipment between phases apart from adding a body protector for the jumping phase and the removal of boots (and martingales/body protectors if needed) for the conformation phase.

PHASE II (60 points): Jumping (40 points) & Style & Performance whilst jumping (20 points)

A course of 8 to 10 coloured jumps, including a double. Maximum height of fences - 90cm.

Scoring as follows: Knockdown = 5 penalties, 1st refusal = 5 penalties, 2nd refusal = 10 penalties, 3rd refusal = Elimination, Error of course = Elimination, Fall of horse and/or rider = Elimination. Penalties are cumulative. A jumping whip (max length 75cm) is allowed.

PHASE III: Conformation (20 points)

Each horse to be presented, “stripped” in front of the judge. NO boots are to be worn for this phase. Competitors will be asked to walk the horse away from the Judge in a straight line, turn and trot back before standing up for final assessment.

Total for all 3 phases = 100 points

Note: In the event of equality of marks, the team with the highest total jumping mark will be given precedence. If marks are still equal the conformation mark will count.


Horses will NOT be ridden by the judge.

Must be plaited and must be shod all round, remedial shoes are allowed.

Any suitable English bridle of plain leather with a bit. Anatomical and Micklem bridles are permitted without clips. Hoods, blinkers and bitless bridles are not allowed. Permitted Nosebands – plain, flash, drop, grackle and Mexican.

Front boots, inc overreach, only and martingales/breastplates are optional for phases I and II however boots must be removed for phase III. Hind boots are NOT permitted in any phase of the competition. No rugs, clothing or items of tack that reveal the identity of the horse or the owner may be worn in the ring. Nose nets and earplugs are allowed.

Blunt spurs are permitted in all sections of the competition.


Competitors must wear a current standard safety hat or skullcap. Team colours/cross country kit may be worn. Back protectors are recommended for the jumping phase. Fancy dress is not allowed.

Gloves must be worn. It is recommended that all jewellery be removed. Spurs are optional and must be blunt. Whips are not allowed during the Dressage phase but may be carried for jumping and must be no longer than 75cm.