Series RoR/EGB Award & RoR/SERC Award

At the beginning of each season, all owners with a registered former racehorse will be contacted by EGB, to specify which of the following awards that they would like to enter for: the RoR/EGB Award, the Boston Bay Cup or the RoR/SERC Award


RoR/EGB Trophy eligibility: For all RoR registered horses holding current RoR Competition Membership and for riders aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2019.

The standard Endurance GB trophy points are also used on an accumulative basis for the RoR/EGB Trophy. These points will be accumulated automatically by EGB. The Trophy is for the horse, not the rider, so points accumulated for more than one horse by a single rider will be accumulated separately for each horse. The points accumulated by one horse with more than one rider will all count towards the Trophy for that horse.

RoR/SERC Trophy eligibility: For RoR all registered horses holding current Competition membership and for riders aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2019

For the horse who has gained the most SERC points during 2019