Series RoR and EGB/SERC Pleasure Rides

RoR work with EGB/SERC and support Pleasure Rides and Open Fun Rides.


RoR and EGB/SERC Pleasure Rides

RoR Pleasure Ride & Pleasure Ride Pairs Completion Rosette

RoR Eligibility – all RoR competition registered horses and for riders aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2019.

To receive your RoR Pleasure Ride or RoR Pleasure Ride Pairs Completion rosette, return the RoR Completion Form, signed by the organizer, to receive your rosette.

National Pleasure Rides are open to full members of EGB or SERC, associate members and non-members. Non Riding members and non-members of EGB or SERC must pay the temporary day membership rate. The ride can be any distance from 10km to a maximum of 40km (+/- 5%) and it must be completed at a 12 km/hour maximum speed. Horses must be 4yo or over. As these rides are run in conjunction with Graded and Competitive Endurance Rides (GERs and CERs), all horses must be checked by the farrier and be trotted up before and after the Ride. At the end of the Ride, they must present within 30 minutes. The optimum minimum speed for completion of EGB pleasure rides and group rides is 8kph. Within reason, riders will not be eliminated for failing to make this speed. However, the organiser may state a time by which all the pleasure riders should have completed the ride. 

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RoR Open Fun Rides Incentive Rosette

Eligibility: all RoR registered horses holding current Competition Membership and for riders aged 15yrs and over at 1st January 2019

Do you take part in fun rides with your former racehorse?

Send us a completed Claim Form to receive your special recognition rosette.

This special recognition rosette can be claimed by anybody successfully completing any of the following:

Fun ride, Charity ride, Pleasure Ride (not EGB or SERC organised).

Ride Outs in the Scottish Borders (Common Ridings) are also included in this incentive.

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