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Series RoR and EGB/SERC Pleasure Rides

Horse and rider combinations who complete EGB/SERC Pleasure Rides and Open Fun Rides can claim a completion rosette.



All RoR registered horses and riders must be 15yrs and over on 1 January of the current year.

Useful information

  • One claim only can be made per horse / rider combination in recognition of starting on the endurance pathway.
  • Riders who wish to progress should see the RoR Endurance Seven Challenge or Novice Endurance Horse Award.
  • Download your form and return, signed by the organiser, to to receive your rosette
  • For further information on National EGB Pleasure Rides please visit

RoR Open Fun Rides Incentive Rosette

  • Send us a completed claim form to receive your special recognition rosette. This special recognition rosette can be claimed by anybody successfully completing any of the following: Fun ride, charity ride, bridleways group rides (not EGB or SERC organised).
  • Download your form and return back to receive your rosette.