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Series RoR Endurance Team Competition

RoR are delighted to announce the RoR Endurance Team Competition Series, kindly sponsored by the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust.



All RoR registered horses must have current RoR competition membership. Riders must be 15yrs and over on 1st January of current year.

About the series

The British Horse Feeds BRC Endurance Team Championship is open to all Riding Clubs in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. RoR teams are eligible to register as an 'honorary' Riding Club team to work towards qualifying to compete as a team at the Endurance GB Riding Club Championships. Gather a group of RoR friends together with your regional co-ordinator or create a squad amongst friends, sign up as free Club members of Endurance GB and enter a team.

Useful information

  • Current RoR Competition Membership will allow an RoR member to join an RoR ‘Club’ regardless of geographic RoR regions, for the purpose of this competition.
  • A Club can have a team of horse and rider combinations that are interested in competing in endurance, from which horse/rider combinations of three to six riders can be entered.
  • Each Club can then enter their teams into any number of qualifying Graded Endurance Rides of 30 to 40km (about 20 to 25 miles). The qualifying rides can be selected from any of Endurance GB’s national event calendar, provided that it is of the correct distance.
  • Riders do not need any special equipment to get started. Only the rider, their horse and normal riding tack is required. Riders do not have to be full members of Endurance GB in order to compete, but they must be current members of their Club.
  • A team who completes a qualifying ride successfully will have its team score entered into a League Table. A team can then, if it chooses, enter a second or subsequent qualifying ride. The team score achieved at the second or subsequent qualifier will replace the existing score in the league table if it is higher than the existing score.
  • The team scores are calculated from the speed achieved over the course and the horse’s pulse at the final veterinary inspection. The score increases as the speed increases; the score increases as the pulse decreases.
  • The highest placed RoR team in the 2023 league table will be offered a place in the Endurance Club Team Final at Three Rivers Ride on Sunday 4 September 2023 in Hampshire. Some wild card places may also be offered at the discretion of the organisers. Stabling, corralling, camping, lorry parking and refreshments will be available at the venue. For more information about the Riding Club Team Championship, contact Jane & John Hudson.