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Series Elite Eventing Performance Award

The RoR Elite Eventing Performance Award, in conjunction with British Eventing, is given to the former racehorse competing in British Eventing at Novice and above who has accumulated the most points in that season.

With a top prize of £1,000, to be eligible, the horse must have raced in GB and be competition registered with RoR.

2019 Winner

Winner - Dream Big
Ridden by - Tom McEwen
Owned by - Magdalena Gut

2018 Winner

Winner - Watergate Bay
Ridden by - Harriet Colderick
Owned by - Harriet and Ishbel Colderick

2017 Winner

Winner - Gold Nugget
Ridden by - Andrew Downes
Owned by - Jane Moss


RoR eligibility: Horses must have raced in GB and have current RoR competition membership. Riders must be 15 years or over on the 1st January 2021.

To encourage competition, all previous winners (1st placed horses) will no longer be eligible to win 1st place in the same competition in subsequent years.

Points will be accumulated by British Eventing from their tables for the 2021 season starting Novice up to Advanced.

To enter for the award, owners or riders simply have to register their horses with RoR and BE (using their racing name please). Provided the horse is eligible, the points will accumulate automatically through the year.