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Series RoR BE90 & BE100 Championships

RoR grassroots Eventing Championships, in conjunction with British Eventing, are designed for those competing at affiliated level.



Open to GB raced horses, competition registered with RoR and British Eventing. Riders must be 15yrs and over at 1 January of current year.

About the series

The RoR BE90&100 Championships will be held at Askham Bryan, 12-13 October 2024.

At the Championships, the classes will run in two sections, BE90 and BE100 and will both be held as open classes.

Qualification criteria

To qualify for the finals, horse and rider combinations must complete an event with a clear cross country round and no more than eight show jumping faults.

If your horse qualifies at BE90, but then subsequently runs at BE100 before the final, you may still compete in the BE90 final. However if you qualify at 90cm’s, but run at BE Novice between qualification and the final you are no longer eligible for the BE90 final. If the horse has BE points with a previous or current rider it must not have gained BE points in the current or preceding season.

If your horse qualifies at BE100 and runs at BE Novice before the final, you are still eligible for the BE100 final however, if your horse runs at Intermediate level in between qualification and the final you are no longer eligible for the BE100 final. In this instance you should enter the RoR/NTF Retrained Racehorse Event Championship.

If a horse qualifies with one rider but is subsequently sold, then that horse and it's new rider keep the qualification. However, if the horse’s ownership does not change between qualification and the final the rider who qualified the horse must ride it in the final.

Qualification for the 2024 final will run from 17 July 2023 and will finish six weeks before the date of the final. There is no need to send qualification forms. RoR will check your qualification when entries for the final are received from the event. Please mark your entry as RoR when entering the event.

RoR reserves the right to amend qualification at any time.

To enter please visit British Eventing.