Series RoR Team Dressage

A fantastic new fun incentive to recognise former racehorses competing in the increasingly popular sport of Team Dressage.

2018 Results

Winners - RoRsome


Eligibility: All RoR registered horses and must have Competition membership.

  • For teams of up to 7 Horse/Rider combinations.
  • Eligible levels: Intro to Elementary.
  • Horse/Rider combinations may only use scores from Intro & Prelim, or Prelim & Novice, or Novice & Elementary.
  • Horse/Rider combinations competing at Elementary level are not allowed to submit scores for Intro or Prelim tests.
  • Horse/Rider combinations competing at Novice level are not allowed to submit scores for Intro tests.
  • Horse/Rider combinations cannot submit scores for two tests on the same team, or on a different team, from the same event.
  • Riders may not submit more than one score per team result, however, Riders may submit scores for two horses, provided the scores are for different teams or for different tests.
  • Teams can be made up of Horse/Rider combinations competing at the same level as long as they are all eligible for that particular level.
  • Best three scores to count to Team Total for each event.
  • The competition will run across the UK at any open dressage competition, Team Dressage and Team Quest events included.
  • The competition will commence on 1st February 2019 and concludes on 30th September 2019.
  • Results can be submitted from open competitions where there are at least three or more members of the team competing as individuals.
  • The winners will be the team with the highest total scores at 30th September 2019.
  • Horses must have current RoR Competition Membership.
  • Competition can be Affiliated or Unaffiliated.
  • Scans of Team Score sheets or online results must be sent to after each competition.
  • A League table will be updated as results come in, on the RoR website.
  • To register your team of former racehorses, please complete the form below with the names of up to seven horses, riders, current RoR Competition Membership numbers and Team Name and return to

Download your Team Dressage registration form here.