Series RoR Southern Dressage Horse Championships

A Championships, which encompasses Affiliated and Unaffiliated combinations, for all RoR horses including raced, foreign raced and those who have been in training and hold current RoR Competition membership and for riders aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2019.

2018 Elementary Results

Winner - Danaan Prince
Ridden by - Shelly Moores


Eligibility: All RoR Competition registered horses. Riders must be aged 15 years and over at 1st January 2019.

The Championship classes will run and be judged under BD rules, they will however, also be affiliated to RoR only and no BD grading points will be awarded.

RoR Southern Dressage Horse PRELIM Championships

For horse/rider combinations not to have more than 15 BD points at Novice level and not to have competed at Elementary level before 01.02.19. Riders not to have competed at Medium level or above.

RoR Southern Dressage Horse NOVICE Championships

For horses not to have more than 15 BD points at Elementary level and not to have competed at Medium level before 01.02.19

RoR Southern Dressage Horse ELEMENTARY Championships

For horses not to have more than 15 BD points at Medium level before 01.02.19

Previous winners of the RoR Racehorse to Dressage Horse Championships (except the SPECIAL) up to and including 2017 are no longer eligible to compete at the same level in the Championships in subsequent years.

There will be an overall prize fund of £430 per class and a RoR branded rug and Sash to each winner. Plus recognition prizes to the highest placed Veteran (horse 15 years and over) and highest placed Longevity (horse to have raced 30 times or more on the track) in each Championship class.

Prize money and rosettes to 10th and a Finalist rosette to each competitor.

To qualify, riders must submit three score sheets for the level at the required minimum percentage or above from either affiliated competitions, unaffiliated competitions or both. Score sheets must include the registered name of the horse, have full details re date and venue and must be signed by the Judge.

The qualification is for horse/rider, no substitutes (horse or rider) allowed. Horse/rider combinations are allowed to compete in two classes so long as they have submitted the relevant qualifying score sheets. Horses qualified with two riders, are not allowed to be entered more than once in the same Championship class.

The qualification period is 1st February 2019 to 31st August 2019 inclusive and no exception.

Minimum qualifying percentage required for each level:

PRELIM – 64%

NOVICE – 62%


Results from Freestyle To Music, Team Quest and My Quest do not count towards this Series.

Competitors will receive notification by email of qualification upon receipt and verification of scores.

Combinations are allowed to take part in this, the RoR Northern Dressage Horse Championship and the RoR Scottish Dressage Horse Championship, but must submit the relevant score sheets for the level as per the rules for the RoR Southern Dressage Horse Series qualification criteria. Competitors cannot use the same score sheet/sheets for both Series.

Please indicate clearly which Championship (Scottish, Northern or Southern) you are submitting your three qualifying score sheets for and send to:

Margaret O’Sullivan, RoR Dressage Coordinator, RoR, Penfold Building, Westfield Farm, East Garston, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 7HG

If you would like your sheets returned (after the competition), a SAE with correct postage must be supplied