Series Elite Showjumping Performance Award

This award is aimed at encouraging and identifying retrained racehorses that are competing nationally with British Showjumping and will recognise those retrained racehorses competing within the British Showjumping Spring/Summer Gold and Silver Horse Leagues.

2019 Winner

Winner - Early Shirley
Owned and Ridden by Claudia Jones

2018 Winner

Winner - Storm Blue
Owned and Ridden by Annabelle Jay

2017 Winner

Winner - Quel Ange
Owned and Ridden by Jane Gregory


The RoR Elite Showjumping Performance Award is open to those owners and riders of retrained racehorses that are registered with both British Showjumping and RoR and have raced in GB.

A cash award will be given to the owners of the two highest graded horses that have been awarded the highest number of points at the highest level during the 1st April – 30th September each year.

The awards are:
1st – £1000 and £1500 training bursary
2nd – £500

The winners will be identified by selecting the highest placed eligible horses with points in the Gold League section. If none qualify, it will move to the highest placed eligible horses in the Silver League section.

Underpinning the Elite Showjumping Performance Award will be regional RoR Showjumping training which will be administered by each respective Development Officer. This training will be tailored specifically for owners and riders of former racehorses with a view to assisting them ease their horse as effortlessly as possible into their new competitive career.

RoR eligibility: Horses must have raced in GB. Horses must be registered with RoR.

For further information please contact RoR or the British Showjumping Membership Department on 02476 698824.