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Series TREC

RoR awards rosettes and prizes for former racehorses competing in TREC events for both the summer and winter seasons.

To be eligible, horses must hold current Competition Membership and riders must be 15 years old by the 1st of January 2021.


TREC was introduced to this country from France, where it originated as a competition between horse riding guides. The idea was to see who was the best at navigating across the mountains and then completing a series of tests on the control and training of the horse. It has evolved into a three phase competition consisting of Orienteering (POR) distances range from 10 – 45kms; Control of Paces (MA) a simple test of a slow canter and then a quick walk – with no break in pace and the obstacle (PTV) phase – obstacles are designed to reflect things that you may meet out hacking – like opening a gate, crossing water, small jump, low branches.

TREC in the UK is governed by TREC GB with most events being organised by local TREC groups. Training and events take place all across the country from beginners to international standard competitions so contact your local club for training and events in your area. Horses and ponies of all types, ages and sizes get involved. For a former racehorse a TREC competition can help them settle as often the Orienteering phase is first, meaning that they are not so fresh when you come to try the other phases. The obstacle phase helps to keep those busy brains thinking and usually the atmosphere is also very relaxed and generally racehorse friendly.

The summer competitions all have classes for individual and pairs, so you can share the pleasure of a day out exploring new countryside with a friend. The lower levels (Level 1 and Level 2) require only basic map reading skills although if you can use a compass you will find it an advantage. TREC is an extremely friendly sport and even if you do not know anyone when you first start, you will almost certainly have made firm friends by the end of the season.

Over the winter the competitions move indoors (minus the orienteering phase). Each season, summer and winter, the results from all the competitions are compiled into the relevant leagues and prizes and awards made. In addition to main rosettes and prizes offered, RoR will be awarding special prizes to the highest placed former racehorse.