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Series RoR Endurance Seven Challenge

This new incentive allows endurance riders to collect ride distances throughout the season.

All of the awards have been kindly supported by the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust to whom we are very grateful.



All RoR registered horses must have current RoR competition membership. Riders must be 15yrs and over on 1 January of current year.

Useful information

  • Building up to competitive endurance riding can be daunting and in recognition of former racehorses in endurance, we are introducing the Endurance Seven (E7), a play on ITV Racing 7.
  • This opportunity to allows riders to collect ride distances on a card that must signed by the Ride Organiser at SERC, EGB, Charity and Bridleways Rides at seven key points, eg 50km, 100km, 150km etc each rider can claim a prize.
  • To view prizes on offer.
  • As it is rider distance that counts, distances may be accumulated on more than one horse.
  • Download and print the form and ask each ride organiser/steward to sign with the event date included. You can then email it at key points to to start receiving your prizes.

E7 Distance Rewards



100 km


150 km


250 km


400 km


500 km


1000 km

Saddle Pad