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Series RoR/BS Club Open Classes - National Championships

RoR/BS Club Open Classes will be held on Tuesday 20 August 2024 at The Jockey Club National Championships, Aintree



For all RoR registered horses holding current competition membership and for riders aged 15 years and over of the current year.

In conjunction with BS Club, there will be four open classes held at the National Championships 2024 - 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1m.

These are open classes, and there are therefore no qualifying criteria.

All showjumping classes will be judged under BS Club Membership rules and will be single phase.

If you wish to record your results then a minimum of BS Club Membership is required. It is recommended that competitors familiarise themselves with BS Club Membership.

Entries to be made via Horse Monkey and will be open soon.