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Series RoR Ridely Hacking Challenge

Join the RoR Ridely Hacking Challenge

We have teamed up with the equestrian app Ridely and horse feed manufacturer Allen & Page to offer RoR members the chance to get involved with a new monthly RoR Ridely Hacking Challenge, starting 1 July 2024. Simply use the app to track your hacks on your RoRs outside of the arena and you will receive virtual medals to celebrate your achievements.

How does it work?

The challenge is open to all RoR members and their RoR registered horses. After creating an account on Ridely and linking your RoR member profile, you will receive an RoR badge on your Ridely profile and be able to take part in the challenge from 1 July.

If the former racehorse you want to take part in the challenge with is not registered with us, you can register your horse online with us.

Any ride counts, even if you don’t go far, as awards are based on the number of times you hack out rather than the distance you cover.

The app will automatically record your progress throughout the month. After seven hacks riders earn a virtual bronze award, after 14 hacks a virtual silver award is earned. Over 21 rides in the month earns RoR members a virtual gold award.

How do I sign up?

New to Ridely

If you are new to Ridely, simply download the Ridely app from the App Store or from Google Play and create an account using the same email address you use for your RoR account. On sign up, you will see a pop-up asking if you would like to integrate your RoR horse(s) onto your Ridely account. Your RoR registered horse(s) will now appear on your Ridely account, and you can join the challenge.

Existing Ridely user

If you are an existing Ridely app user, you will be able to sync your RoR account through the settings menu in the Ridely app. Firstly ensure that you have the latest version of the app downloaded from the app store. Then click ‘Connect to RoR’ from the settings menu and your accounts will sync and you will be able to join the challenge. You must be using the same email address for both Ridely and RoR to ensure your accounts sync correctly.

Account not found

If you receive an "account not found" message while attempting to sync your accounts, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You are using a different email address on Ridely than the one registered with RoR
  2. There are no RoR registered horses associated with your account

If neither of these reasons apply, please contact us at with details of the issue you are experiencing.

What is Ridely?

Ridely is your digital equestrian training partner, the GPS ride tracker allows you to log and track your rides and to live share your location with others if you are out hacking alone. Alongside this, you can access your own interactive training journal.

The app also offers over 400 training videos from some of the world’s top equestrians such as Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin and Henrik von Eckermann, plus personalised training programmes.

As an introduction to RoR members, Ridely is offering all RoR Ridely Hacking Challenge participants 30 days free access to the premium version of their app. Use this link to activate your free month’s trial.

Will it cost me anything?

The challenge is completely free to take part in and the Ridely app is free to download and use. If you take up the 30 day free trial of premium but decide not to continue with it afterwards, you can return to the free version and continue to use the tracking facility and take part in each RoR monthly hacking challenge.

Why is hacking so good for us?

Vets and equestrian professionals agree, hacking is good for the physical and mental wellbeing of both horse and rider. As well as being able to work in a relaxed frame, working over a varied terrain will help with your horse’s strength and balance and can help keep tendons and muscles supple and strong.

Hacking is also a valuable opportunity for you as riders to have time to unwind and, if hacking with others, socialise with friends. As we unwind and relax, so do our horses, leading to improvement in overall wellbeing. Whether alone or in company, hacking is a great opportunity to build a great relationship with your horse.

About Allen & Page

Allen & Page is official supporter of the RoR Ridely Hacking Challenge.

Originally established in 1936, Allen & Page is a family-owned business with a wealth of experience producing and selling non-GM animal feed. Originally based at the mill at Quayside, Norwich, before moving to a larger, more modern mill in Shipdham, Norfolk, the company is now one of the most trusted and used brands within the United Kingdom. Allen & Page is proud to hold the Royal Warrant from HRH King Charles III.

Data sharing

If you opt in to integrating your RoR and Ridely accounts, the following information will be shared between the two parties:

Ridely share the following information with RoR:

  • List of fields - Ridely send your Ridely user ID and email address to RoR, to help RoR identify you on their system
  • Reason - By identifying you on the RoR system, Ridely can determine if you are eligible to enter the challenge and with which horse/s

RoR share the following information with Ridley:

  • List of fields - RoR (based on your Ridely email address), will inform Ridely if you have a current valid horse registration to allow you to enter challenges. RoR will also send your horse registration details which includes the horse’s name, horse’s sex, horse’s date of birth and your membership expiry date to ensure your access to the challenge is only available with a valid membership


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