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Success stories Ansells Pride's Story

5th February 2021

Ansells Pride now known as Pride, was purchased by Mr Brian Ansell at Tattersalls yearling sales for 26,000 Guineas, which was the most expensive horse that he had ever purchased. Brian always says he thinks he would have cost a lot more if it wasn’t for the cut on Prides leg, he still has the scar.

Pride never raced until a four year old in 2007 when he won two races and again in 2008 he won a further two more. In 2010 Brian decided to retire him, fortunately his trainer was able to find Pride a good home and Brian was happy with this.

In 2012 the owner of Pride was unable to keep him and therefore Pride was returned back to Brian. At the time Brian had horses already in training with Bill Turner so Pride went and stayed with the others in training. Bill Turner thought Pride looked well and asked if he could bring Pride back in training.

Pride was not the easiest of horse's to ride and had to be worked on his own, he just loved to gallop. It was decided to enter him in a race at Brighton Racecourse where he was ridden by Bill's apprentice Jake Payne who is son of Peopleton Brooks founders.

Pride jumped out of the stalls and did what he loved to do and galloped the finish line with no other horse able to catch him, it was an amazing moment as Pride had been off the track for nearly two years. Pride and Jake had a few more races together and managed another win at Lingfield Park Racecourse.

In 2013 Pride retired for the finale time and was rehomed again, Brian was told that he would have a great home and a contract was signed. Around 18 months later Brian received a phone call and was shocked to hear that Pride was for sold again from a dealer.

Brian bought Pride back and asked Peopleton Brook if they would be able to take Pride on under their care. Knowing Pride from Jake’s successes they were thrilled to give him a soft landing. Pride is no longer ridden and has a forever home at Peopleton Brook, he has nothing to prove and is a great member of the team.

Peopleton Brook say "This story is the prime example of what can happen to racehorses at the end of their career. Pride was lucky to have such a good owner that looked out for him and has ended up in a good place. This is not always the case for so many of these horses and this is why we need the RoR to help as many as they can. The work they do is amazing not just helping with rehoming but also the promotion of the diverse nature of the thoroughbred, from eventing to dressage and the therapeutic work that these wonderful horses can do".

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