Success stories Former racehorse, Carhue, on patrol in rural Wales

17th September 2018

In May 2017, Dyfed-Powys Police Special Constables started patrolling on horseback. These Special Constables have full police powers and patrol in uniform, but are not deployable to incidents by the force control room. Their main role is to provide a highly visible police presence to enhance the level of contact with members of the rural community, and to gather and share information about rural crime. Being mounted means they are able to get to isolated and remote parts of the community easier than using a vehicle.

Here is the story of Giles George and his former racehorse Carhue, on their story together.

“The project began in the spring of 2017 with an Irish Sports Horse and a retired Kings Troop Charger but the summer season ended sadly with the death of Jack Lynchpin ret: KTRHA, from a heart attack.

I thought replacing him would be impossible, but I began my search back with the Army hoping to find another bomb proof mount. My other horse proving unsuitable for official Police duties unless In hand, which kind of defeats the whole idea.

So I decided to take a trip to a local auction and spotted this big TB being ridden and popping over a fence. After a little chat to the seller I had a trial, there and then. He was unfazed by my shaking a police fluorescent in front of him and happy for me to take it on and off whilst walking him about. So he was delivered home on trial straight away.

Carhue, or Huey as he is known at home, is an 11 year old former National Hunt horse who was in training with Sheila Lewis. During a 6 year career in training, he ran in 23 races under NH rules and a further 5 Point to Points. Huey won one hurdle rae and one Point to Point before retiring from racing in February of 2016.

I, at this point thought I’d been completely idiotic even trying an ex race horse, but how wrong could I have been?

Carhue and I had our first Public Outing at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair in November of 2017.

Day one was a little difficult but by day two he had settled down like a pro. He lost a shoe so had to be walked through crowds

of visitors looking at festive stalls and displays, to the farrier demo to be shod in front of a growing crowd. I have found that when you are in police uniform and on a horse, the response from the public is amazing. So day two being a successful day, Huey became Dyfed-Powys Special Constabulary’s next horse.

He has had no formal Police Training and is not a regular Police Horse. The steps at first have been small so he gets used to different things. We spent an amazing week at the biggest agricultural show in Europe the Royal Welsh Show where we accompanied Trooper Jones and farrier Major Holland of the Queens Dragoon Guards each day leading the grand parade where he behaved brilliantly Although the final pony club games race being held directly before the parade day one did have me thinking it may not go to plan as Huey got a little warm with the commentary sounding like the last seconds of the Gold Cup but produced a wonderful Piaffe for the watching crowds.

But as an exhibitor said after “you must be so proud of him being an ex race horse “ actually I really am he’s only been out of training 18 months and has proved to be a pleasure to own and retrain.

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