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Success stories HEROS Success Story - Tamiami Trail

10th February 2021

Tamiami Trail is a wonderful example of the versatility of the Thoroughbred.

He came to HEROS as a 7 year old in 2005 having run 15 times during his flat career. Grace already knew him, as he had been at North Farm Stud (where HEROS is based) for a break from racing. Tamiami was rehomed and spent 5 years playing horse-ball and then came back to HEROS and was rehomed again.

In his second home he did absolutely everything from show jumping representing his local Horse Club at Hickstead, cross country, hunted, took part in hunter trials and came back to HEROS for displays at our Open Days. Tamiami then became a family horse, being a school master for the lessee’s daughter and then son, going on to compete at pony club level with both children.

Although we hope these horses will stay with their lessee’s for life, circumstances sometimes get in the way and Tamiami came back to HEROS in 2019.

Despite being 21 years of age, he was is still well and enjoying life. We decided however that it wouldn’t be fair or appropriate to re-home him again but being such a versatile and willing horse, he was added to the group of horses that HEROS uses for the students to work with in the many education programs we offer.

Although not the soundest, but with careful management has been and continues to be the most wonderful horse, eager to please and loves his interaction with everyone that comes his way. He is now 23 years old and happy to help the students as long as he gets time out in the field with his small group of friends.

His field mate and best friend is the great Tullius, who although no longer ridden and who would not put up with students anywhere near him continues to enjoy the company of his friends at HEROS.

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