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Success stories One Pekan - RoR Horse Personality of the Year Award Finalist

17th January 2022

The 12-year-old gelding One Pekan is one of three former racehorses in the running to win RoR Horse Personality of the Year. The award celebrates horses who have shown “exceptional character” in transitioning from racing to a new career and have had a positive impact on those around them. The winner will be announced at the RoR Awards on 22 January 2022.

One Pekan was nominated by his owner and rider Kerry Humphries.

My horse is extra special as Pekan is more than just a horse to me, he’s my best friend. I was given him to look after when he was in-training and fell in love with him instantly. Four years later, the boss (Roger Varian) retired him to me. Many people kept saying you won’t be able to do anything with him due to his quirky behaviour as a racehorse and how grumpy he was. I’ve now had him out of racing for four years and we’ve proved them wrong.

We’ve had lots of fun trying new things; showjumping, cross-country, beach rides, fun rides, in-hand showing, forest rides. Pekan has also helped me through some tough times, he is my safe place and after sadly recently losing my mum unexpectantly Pekan has been my rock. When days are hard, he’s always there to give me a cuddle and a kiss, or a canter through a field, giving me time to reflect. I can spend hours with Pekan telling him about my day, letting things off my chest, he doesn’t judge me, it’s good for the mind letting things go.

I’ve cried into him plenty of times this last year, and a simple nuzzle back, he lets me know he’s there, he’s got me. Pekan isn’t perfect, he challenges me, but we’re learning together. He’s a proper character and far too clever for his own good sometimes, but we wouldn’t have him any other way. I really would be lost without him. He’s my absolute world. I can never leave him without saying goodnight, stay safe, and I love you.

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