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Success stories Racing Staff Week - Madi Patzelt

28th June 2022

I’m a 24-year-old apprentice jockey at Philip Kirby’s yard. From being young I have grown up around thoroughbreds and racing. We have 4 horses at home, two are ex racers, an Irish Sports Horse mare and a Welsh pony. We also have 5 dogs and a few chickens.

I bought my former racehorse, Presenting Streak (Cooper) in 2019 from Goffs sales at Doncaster for £800. I had previously looked after him/ridden him every day in training for 3 years. He brought me a lot of happiness and always tried his heart out.

He has always been a quirky character both in and out of racing, very nervous of change in routine and very spooky, but always genuine.

He won’t hack out, wears earplugs and is very sharp. Retraining has been eventful at times, definitely not always plain sailing in the beginning. But he has the kindest nature, loves people and his yard cat friend, and occasionally you’ll find a chicken sat on him in the stable! He adores a polo and loves a snuggle.

He has overcome a lot of his quirks and is now flourishing in the show ring as a riding horse, he won Supreme Champion at his second ever show and managed to place in his debut HOYS qualifier. We are looking forward to the Great Yorkshire Show and Ryedale show in July and hope to go to Bramham in September.

I am very lucky that I have stables at my parents house and my mum is a great help especially in winter, though it can still be challenging working full time and looking after them, but completely worth it.

Thoroughbreds are the most versatile breed, they can tackle almost anything, paired with stunning looks I wouldn’t have anything else now.

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