Retrained Racehorse Wins at Royal Windsor.

To jump and gallop in the main arena at Royal Windsor Horse Show, would test the nerve of most riders, try doing it riding one handed, whilst carrying a sword, shooting things with a pistol and taking 3 targets in rapid succession with an 8 foot lance.

This is the way Hot Chipotle aka ‘Audrey’ did it at the last Royal Windsor Horse Show in the prestigious Military Sword Lance and Revolver competition. Maj David Puckey from the Royal Logistic Corps Mounted Skill at Arms Team bought Audrey as a 6yo from a Drag Hunting and Point to Point home and introduced her to this exciting and very traditional skill. The class was first competed, in it’s current form, before the First World War, and has remained largely unchanged as a test of mounted skill at arms ever since.

A quick summary of the course; jump a 2’9″ brush jump, run through a sword dummy, jump the next fence, run through another dummy on the left, leave the sword stuck in the target, draw the pistol, on jumping the next fence shoot a balloon off on the right. Shoot one on the ground, then shoot one off of the left on the next fence, put the pistol back into the holster, come down the centre line, grab the lance, accelerate to full gallop, pick two small rings from gallows at head height then drop down to rip a three inch tentpeg from the ground, and then stop. Just to add a little pressure you are given only 45 seconds from jumping the first fence to hitting the peg. Or put simply it takes longer to read the description, than complete the course.

Audrey also enjoys hunting, having been a regular with the North Cotswold and now the Royal Artillery Hounds on Salisbury Plain.