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Training RoR Dressage Coaching with Julie Frizzell

8th May, 2019

Julie founded Dressage Coaching UK in 2006 with the aim of providing professional coaching and development to those who ride, and maybe compete, for pleasure. Since then she has trained several hundred combinations to success, whether that be a personal goal or competing at a national championship. Combining almost 3 decades of a strong professional background (she is a retired RAF Wing Commander), private business, leadership and executive coaching consultancy, with a knack for being able to get the best out of horse and rider.

Julie's friendly approach will always put your, and your horse's, needs first. Although she trained to Inter I and competed at advanced, her success has been as a classified para-dressage rider. An accident left her without an ulna, limited use and feeling in her right hand (which is permanently partially dislocated), so she competes (para and able bodied) with an external cast and looped reins on the right as only one finger holds the right contact. Julie has represented Great Britain at 1* and 2* CPEDIs, won 3 national titles and also had success with her horse, Namibian, a Godolphin Rehoming former Ascot winner, in para-dressage championships (he was 3rd in his first championship and selected for international duty twice), able bodied and at the RoR National Championships; having the ability to match the right training approach to the brain of our RoR horses, has been the key to Namibian¹s success (and keeping a lid on his occasional desire to freestyle it' through a normal test!). Most of all, you'll have fun, know you have someone who wants to develop you, and have a coach on the ground who truly knows what its like to work your way up from the bottom.

The Coaching Sessions:

Private: £25 for registered RoR members (please supply your RoR number when you book) for 45 minutes

  • Ipad video used in-session (and sent to you afterwards)
  • Homework sheets
  • Competition planning
  • Coaching plans

Spectators very welcome.

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Julie Frizzell

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