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Training Pre Aintree RoR Camp at Bense Bridge Farm

14th August, 2021

RoR Mini Camp

A brief overview - Arrive Friday night.

Saturday - Test riding or flatwork session with Gwyneth Lewis 30 mins

Jumping on grass with Charlotte Martin 45 mins (can be poles on the


Sarah Rushby will be available for advice on feeding the TB and also

advice on feeding against ulcers.


Magnus Nicholson showing/ turnout advice. 30 mins

Charlotte Martin polework in the arena 45n mins.

Emma Owens from Horslyx / Smartlyx will be available for a chat.

Stabling available with a bale of shavings (included in price) Extra

bales can be purchased at £8.50.

Saturday and Sunday, light lunch. Saturday evening meal.

To book your space please use link to the right.

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