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Training RoR Central 'Virtual Racecourse Tour' Sponsored Ride

4th September, 2021

RoR Central’s Virtual Racecourse tour ride

From Uttoxeter to Wolverhampton to Warwick to Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourses

Who can participate
- Any horse registered with RoR across the UK

Start Date:
25th July on Uttoxeter’s Ladies Day
Finish Date:
4th September 's Race Day at Stratford -upon-Avon

Distance – 90 Miles (This is the distance between the 4 racecourses according to Google Maps)
All 90 miles must be completed and logged by 4th September. No logs will be accepted after this date. No exceptions.
Recorded via tracking apps such as Samsung Health, Ridely, Equilab etc. In order to log your miles please send a photo of your tracking app visibly showing them to who will log them.

The challenge consists of riding 90 miles during these allocated 50 days.

Methods of completing this challenge that will be accepted are Hacking, Fun rides, Gallops exercise, beach rides, long reining & in hand walking. No schooling miles will be accepted.

Sponsorship to be raised via

Minimum Sponsorship entry fee:
£50 which includes an embroidered completion polo shirt

There will be some fun awards:

- Most Sponsorship raised ( Sponsorship to be declared by the 4th September)
- Horse who covers the challenge in the most varied ways. ( Photo/video evidence to be submitted before the end of the ride)
- Best through the ears shot taken whilst on the challenge ( Photo evidence to be submitted before the end of the ride).
- Most memorable photo story told over the challenge ( Photo story to be submitted before the end of the ride)
- Photo that captures the versatility of the ex-racehorse whilst completing the challenge. ( Photo to be submitted before the end of the ride).

All completed participants to be entered in prize draw for Warwick racecourse lunch.

All logs of mileage, photos/videos to be submitted to

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