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Training Introduction to TREC

28th November, 2021

TREC is a fun, inclusive sport that all types of horse/pony and rider can enjoy.

TREC events are run all year but in different formats in the summer and winter. Full TRECs take place in the summer and consist of three phases: the POR (orienteering or hack with a map!), MA which is a slow canter and fast walk and thirdly the PTV or obstacle phase. Obstacles are designed to replicate the skills needed for hacking out eg: riding under low branches or through narrow places, up and down slopes, popping over logs etc. Arena TREC events are held in the winter and consist of just the MA and PTV phases

TREC training can add a new dimension to your schooling whether or not you plan to compete and it’s fun for both horse and rider. At the clinic you will learn how to tackle a variety of TREC obstacles successfully, for example Corridor, Low Branches, Neck Rein, Bridge, S bend. Some obstacles are done lead as well!

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