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Training RoR South East Club Afternoon

26th February, 2023

RoR South East Club Afternoon using poles to do 'gymnastic' exercises to get horses engaging their cores, flexing through their frame, stretching through their backs and overall, a good body work out using pole grids on the floor of the arena. Taught by Jody Sole at The British Racing School, in their indoor arena, in Newmarket. Later sessions will also have jumps included, nothing huge but will include jumps and working on jumping technique Sessions are open to all levels of horses however the earlier sessions are more for novice or less experienced horses. There are 4 available slots in each session. Please ensure that you book the session appropriate to what you want to do. Once groups have been allocated it will not be possible to swop. 1300 hrs Polework only 1400 hrs Polework and small jumps 1500 hrs Polework and jumps up to 70/80cms

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Snailwell Rd
United Kingdom