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Training RoR Midlands - EQ Band Clinic

26th April, 2023

Welcome to EQ Band training with qualified and EQ Band trained coach Helen Bampton

We all put our horses first, putting them above ourselves with physio, vets, lessons etc. Why not treat yourself and your horse with this clinic which uses the EQ band training aid which strengthens and conditions the rider, in turn improving the horse and making their job to carry the rider easier. There are options for both mounted and unmounted sessions and you will take home exercises that you can make use of every day - in turn increasing your mobilty and ability in the saddle every time you ride. More about the EQ Band Story *Resistance is the First Step to Change*"It's time we truly focus on ourselves as athletes, not only for our own gain, but most importantly, our horses' - Dee So'oialo - founder of the EQ Band. EQ Bands can be used on and off the horse to improve a riders strength and conditoning. Easy to use and are ideal for the busy equestrian to use as there are lots of exersizes that can be done anywhere anytime, example warm up before riding outside the stable in the back of a lorry at a competition the ideas are endless. Check out the DYnamic Perfprmance Hub - EQ band website at Helen says about the bands 'The bands are designed to be ridden in and used off the horse to help riders "feel" when riding ' can you feel yourself collapsing through your right hip?'They help in correctly positioning you in the saddle. Whist in the bans and then when the bands have been taken off the horses way of going, stride length, relaxation and suppleness all improve. Whilst we all put a lot in the retraining of these special horses with specialist rehab, physio, lessons tailored plans etc, we sometimes forget ourselves. This is where EQ Bands can help, no matter what rehab,schooling physio etc you give your horse if you are hindering them in the saddle by not being in balance and riding slightly wonky yourself it will prevent your horse's education from moving forward' More about Helen Bampton Helen has over 30 years of coaching experience, is a BHS Accreddited Professional Coach, fully accredited Pony Club coach and has her own former racehorse, TC. As an owner and rider herself who has lost complete confidience previously, she can relate to those who may struggle and offers complete support both on and off the horse. Helen has undergone full training from the EQ Band headquarters and is accredited to deliver sessions using these unique bands. Helen is also an NVQ assessor and has teaching qualifications outside of the equestrain worl also which gives her fully rounded ability to support clients in all aspects of their equestrian aims. Helen knows owning an ex racehorse is immensely rewarding but you need to put the hard work in. TC's progress from racehorse to riding horse has been slow. and she wouldn't want it any other way. It's a complete change of lifestyle and management, not to mention how they move and their way of going.

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