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Training RoR Wales XC & SJ clinic

3rd June, 2023

This XC & SJ day is designed to give you the chance to have two lessons on one day at a great venue with brilliant coaches.

Great for,

  • Preparing your horse for an event
  • Getting the most out of a days training with two sessions on one day
  • Meeting other riders as it is based on group lessons
  • Having fun in a low pressure non competitive environment


Our two coaches have been specially selected for RoR due to their coaching style and experaince.

Alice Bannister-Bell- Alice is a BHSI (BHS stage 5 performance coach), she has many years of experiance in retraining ex race horses and producing young horses including coaching riders of all levels.

Sally White- Sally is a BHSII (Stage 4 coach) has offered training for RoR in the past and has a calm and relax approach to help you get the best out of your horse.


Berriewood Farm is a well known BE venue with a lovely rolling XC course and a large surfaced SJ arena. There is plenty of parking and it is easily accessible from Shropshire, North Wales, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

This event took place in June 2023
Amy Bannister-Bell

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