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Training RoR Wales - Groundwork, Flatwork or Polework Clinic

3rd June, 2023

Ground work and flat work clinic with Karen Whiston BHSI

A shared 1 hour session (2 riders) which will start with ground work and progress to ridden work.

Indoor arena Leyland Court so don't worry about the weather!

Are you wanting to take your horse out to a competition but not sure how he or she will behave?

Would you like more suppleness, calmness, softness, reactivity from your horse?

Does your horse get strong when ridden or have other contact issues?

Would you like to build your confidence?

When working in at a competition, are you stuck if lunging is not allowed?

Do you have trouble mounting?

Are you wanting to improve your horses lateral work?

This clinic may help you!

We will do a mixture of in hand schooling and ridden. There is no pressure to get on, you can work the horses in hand for the whole clinic if you choose.

We will be working on clarity, timing and control, using Inhand techniques that can then be taken into ridden work to improve the horses reactivity, balance, calmness and understanding of what the rider is asking.

About Karen-

Karen Whiston holds the BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach (BHSI). During the 1980/90s She has enjoyed many successes in show jumping, dressage and Eventing, including being placed at Blenheim Horse Trials in 1991, She is still competing regularly in Dressage and loves to jump when the opportunity arises.

Over the past 20 plus years she has been looking into alternative and effective ways to school horses, both in hand and under saddle, taking into account the psychology of the horse and studying science based evidence on how horses learn.

She is also an approved RWYM Biomechanics Coach, which helps riders to improve their core strength and balance to enhance the horses way of going at every level.

Karen has also recently qualified asa yoga teacher.

She loves to teach riders of all levels from beginners to professional and international riders from all disciplines. Karen is particularly fond of thoroughbreds.

Venue information

Trench Ln
South Gloucestershire
BS36 1RY
United Kingdom