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Training RoR Midlands - Dressage Spa Day

22nd July, 2023

We are so excited to be able to bring RoR members a fantastic opportunity to have a training and spa day with your horse!!

I am thrilled that Rookery Equine want to work with RoR and are offering our members a fantastic day camp deal which I believe cannot be beaten.

And to complement their amazing facilities I am pleased to announce one of Cheshire’s favourite dressage riders, Mark Cramb in the teaching hot seat. Mark’s bio will follow but his success in the white boards with former racehorses speaks for itself.

So what will you get on the day?

The days will start at approx 9am with the first lessons in the arena
Lunch will be approx 12.30 with afternoon sessions commencing 1pm

Each horse will receive 1 treatment of either the salt chamber, massage rug or combi floor and solarium - please see benefits of each of these below which can also be found on Rookery Equine's website -

Stabling and lunch is provided for those taking the full day option (no stable or lunch on the half day option).

Halotherapy (Salt Chamber) – Rookery Equine Ltd

Massage Rug – Rookery Equine Ltd

Combi Floor – Rookery Equine Ltd

The qualified staff at Rookery Equine will administer the treatments on the horses between 1st and 2nd lesson. The treatments are designed to complement the work your horse is doing. Treatments are spa like and are intended to relax and rejuvenate your horse between session, not to further strain or fatigue them.

Sadly, rider treatments are not available, but you will get the treat of an excellent lunch (lunch not provided for those booking the half day option).

You will have full exclusivity of Rookery Equine throughout the day, which has amazing facilities. They also have an equine shop at Rookery Equine Emporium which we will offer a 10% discount on all products purchased on the day of the clinics.

We have available 8 stables available for the days 6 are 12 x 12 and 2 are 12 x 18, these are fully matted out stables with automated water drinkers and provided with 1 net of meadow haylage (if they wish to bring their own that is fine). Each stable will also have a bed of wood shavings.

The arena is an Andrews Bowen waxed surface arena which will have been maintained prior to your arrival. The arena is split in to 2 with 1 20 x 40 arena with dressage lettering and 1 40 x 55 arena which can have a full set of jumps, grids or poles or can be left empty if easier for you.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided throughout the day and lunch will be provided containing sandwiches, crisps, cakes, fruit, biscuits. We also have a room designated for refreshments. (we ask that anybody with allergies or intolerances contact us so we can accommodate prior to arrival).

We have toilet facilities on site.

So what about training on the day?

You will have a lesson in groups of 2 and will be catered to meet your needs, with groups at similar stages of training and horse fitness.

Lunch and treatment

Test ride - you ride a test of your choice (this can be called if you wish)
Mark will watch and judge the test then spend time with you on ways to improve your marks and way of going

Venue information

Main Rd
Cheshire East
United Kingdom