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Training RoR Wales - McTimoney Flat Work Clinic

19th August, 2023

RoR Introduction to McTimoney Animal Chiropractic with Melissa Troup BHSI

McTimoney Animal Chiropractic was developed by a gentleman called John McTimoney. He developed a quick, light and gentle technique for use on humans which he later adapted to animals as people brought their animals to him for treatment following human success. The lightness of the technique is readily accepted by most horses, and the aim of each adjustment is to return the joint to its optimal function and range of movement. Pairs of nerves exit each joint of the spine, so the adjustment releases and pressure that may have developed on the nerve. This pressure manifests most obviously in pain, but also may have more subtle influences on the systems of the body. On the 19th Aug, at Pencoed College, I will teach semi-privates lessons. This will include 30min of riding under instruction followed by 15min assessment for each horse and discussion with the owner/rider. As well as improving riding and the horses way of going, I will analyse the horses gaits, followed by palpating each horse, feeling for misalignments of the spine and pelvis. Very often, training issues can be linked to musculoskeletal findings. For example, a horse with a pelvic rotation on the right side (pelvis is lower on the right) will often find canter easier to the right, have a tendency to become disunited on the left canter, find canter half pass easier to the right. Musculoskeletal treatment cannot be carried out without veterinary permission, so treatment cannot take place on the day, but if an issue is found and you would like your horse treated after the session, we can arrange a date at your convenience once permission is obtained. Horse welfare and training for longevity is central to my beliefs as coach and practitioner. I look forward to meeting you.

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