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Training RoR Wales - Working Equitation Foxes Equestrian

30th September, 2023

WHAT IS WORKING EQUITATION? Working Equitation has been around for many years but has rapidly grown in interest in the UK over the past few years


Originating in Spain, Portugal and Italy the sport is developed from using horses to work cattle and all that may be experienced whilst out on the farm. Its a real test of partnership between horse and rider and an excellent training tool to develop skill, patience and much more!


In Working Equitation competitions, there are 3 phases:


The Dressage Phase - Similar to a normal dressage test but with some of the movements performed slightly differently


The Ease of Handling - A bit like a dressage test with obstacles such as a gate, bridge or a jump. There are other obstacles such as barrels, slalom, sideways pole, rein-back bell and more!


The Speed Test - using obstacles again...but this time performed at speed!


At International level, a 4th phase is added with real cattle!


Who is Working Equitation for?


Working Equitation is suitable for all horses and riders including: happy hackers, leisure riders, competition riders and professionals. Working Equitation is open to all breeds of horses and ponies.


Steff Singleton is an Approved Instructor for The Association of British Working Equitation as well as holding her BHS Teaching qualifications. Steff specialises in training and producing horses with a sympathetic and confidence building approach. She is currently retraining her own off the track thoroughbred and soon hopes to take to dressage tails in PSG with her traditional cob she has taken through the levels from prelim. To see her work, you can find her on Facebook or Instagram @adventuresofhuckleberrypie @positiveequestriancoach For more information about The Association for British Working Equitation visit their website for all the rules, competitions and membership options: Come and Join the family!

This event took place in September 2023
Amy Bannister-Bell

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