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Training RoR Midlands - Hannah Irons working equitation clinic

26th November, 2023

Join Hannah Irons at the lovely Wellow Park Stables for this fun Working Equitation Clinic, where we'll be introducing you to the sport of WE and some of the obstacles used in the 'Ease of Handling' and 'Speed' phases.

Wellow Park Stables has brilliant facilities, we'll be using their 42x20m indoor arena which is a lovely relaxed setting and has plenty of space for us to work on safely introducing the horses to some of the obstacles involved in Working Equitation!

Hannah is an Approved Instructor (Grade 1) for The Association of British Working Equitation. Hannah also specialises in confidence building for horse and rider, this is the perfect way to build on your partnership and learn transferrable skills, as well as preparing you for Working Equitation competitions!

What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation is a rapidly growing sport in the U.K. and combines a range of skills, training, temperament, test of partnership between horse and rider and is developed from the skills required from using horses for farming and herding purposes.

In Working Equitation, there are 3 phases:

The Dressage Phase - similar to a normal dressage test but with some of the movements performed slightly differently

The Ease of Handling Test - navigating around obstacles you may find when hacking; such as a gate, bridge or a jump. There are other obstacles such as barrels, slalom, sideways pole, rein-back bell and more!

The Speed Test - using obstacles from the Ease of Handling phase...but performed at speed!

These sessions are suitable for all riders including happy hackers, leisure riders, competition riders and professionals. Working Equitation is open to all breeds of horse and pony too.

At competition level, Working Equitation is a ridden sport but we are more than happy for you to take part in this clinic in-hand, to introduce your horse to some new obstacles.

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Rufford Ln
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United Kingdom