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Training RoR Midlands -Ali Lane Rider Biomechanics clinic

8th December, 2023

Ali Lane is a dressage rider and trainer from Droitwich, Worcestershire.

She's also an Equipilates™ instructor and Rider Biomechanics coach, specialising in rider position and helping riders overcome physical restrictions and asymmetries.

Ali has competed in dressage and show jumping from an early age, but has always wanted to be an instructor. Ali is passionate about helping other riders improve their partnership with their horse and improving competition results.

Ali is a UKCC/BDCoach specialising in Rider Biomechanics and Posture correction.

Each lesson is tailored to your specific needs using Equipilates techniques, Franklin balls, alignment jackets and TESTT bands and taping, to correct asymmetries 8 enhance the horses way of going, through rider improvements.

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